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The chair is a model of James Irvine x Ikea. The plan was to shoot nudes with the model and object. Finally we came with the idea to make the chair a kinky object so we switched it up by painting the chair and braid it with leather. This chair was created without making a sketch, Like most of our products we make what we feel.


It’s been two years, since Cavemen and Frankie Boateng’s creativity collided. Born out of a mutual respect, aesthetic and interest; the idea of a collaboration and first product is fused in a handmade, durable and rainproof backpack with a remarkably timeless silhouette; ethically made in Amsterdam.

The bag is made out of premium ecco leather, rainproof woven nylon and rainproof zippers on it’s shell. The lining is made of a royal red canvas combined with a duck camo pattern designed by our Founders. In the tanning process of the leather no chemicals are used, and the leather is recyclable.

Being a natural product, no two leather skins look the same. There will be slight variations in color and markings in every skin. Vegetable tanned leather has an open structure and changes over time as it gradually darkens when exposed to sunlight.

A typical quote on the backpack reads: “What is lost, if it has yet to be found”. A saying that resonates the journey on the independent creative’s long lasting search and crave for inspiration.

Photo’s: Marc Haers

Art Direction: The Cavemen

Styling: Doru Komonoteng Loboka